Shadow Your Future

Helping Students Explore the Workplace


Shadow Your Future is looking for professionals in all fields who are interested in educating high schoolers about their workplace. We only ask for a few hours of your time to give students key insights into your career. By joining our program, you will help inspire and educate the future generation of leaders in your industry.


How do I get involved?
Please fill out the form below to let us know that you are interested

What’s the difference between in-person shadowing, virtual shadowing, and virtual meetings?
Shadowing allows students to observe you as you perform your daily tasks, giving them a better understanding of the work atmosphere and workload. To do this, students follow you around the physical workplace (in-person) or watch your screen in a Zoom meeting (virtual). Virtual meetings are short meetings with students to address their questions regarding your workplace and career.

What will I need to do?
If you host shadows (in-person or virtual), we ask that you let students “shadow” you (observe your daily activities). If you have a virtual meeting with a student, you will meet them for approximately one hour to discuss your career and workplace. In both scenarios, we also ask that you are responsive to student questions regarding your career and work. 

How often will I host students?
We hope that you will host a shadow a few times a year, but there is no minimum requirement for the amount of shadows you must host in a year. We will not assign you more students than you are willing to host.

What does Shadow Your Future do for me?
We manage scheduling and communication between you and the students. We also review student applications to ensure students are committed to this opportunity, and we only send you students who are truly interested in this opportunity and will make the most of it.